Collagen: The Building Blocks For Healthy Skin, Hair And Joints


Collagen: How Does It Work?


As the most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen accounts for approximately 30% of our total protein content. Its universal presence underscores its vital role in the composition and maintenance of various physiological structures. Often referred to as the primary building block, collagen is crucial for the health of our skin, muscles, bones, ligaments, and connective tissues. Moreover, it plays an integral role in the structural integrity of our organs, intestinal lining, and blood vessels.


Collagen is naturally found in animal tissues, particularly those with a high presence of connective tissues. You are bolstering your collagen levels by incorporating protein-rich foods like chicken, fish, and other meats into your daily regimen. Additionally, various plant and animal-based foods supply the necessary nutrients to facilitate collagen synthesis in our bodies.


However, over time, our collagen reservoirs begin to deplete, and our bodies’ ability to produce collagen diminishes. Relying solely on dietary intake to replenish your collagen levels can become challenging, both in terms of cost and time management, given the necessity for meticulous meal planning. Moreover, a decline in collagen production could degrade our physical appearance and impair our vitality, which is precisely why collagen supplements have soared in popularity over the years.


If you are contemplating an efficient and cost-effective strategy to enhance your collagen intake, MojoMe is at your service. Dive deeper to explore our high-quality collagen product range and learn how MojoMe’s collagen supplements can be a game-changer in your pursuit of well-being, offering a discernible improvement in your appearance and overall health.




Collagen And Wellness


A couple of decades ago, the term ‘collagen’ was relatively obscure, relegated to the less-trodden corners of health terminology. However, the present-day narrative sings a different tune, with an increasing number of wellness brands incorporating collagen into their product portfolio, matching stride with the burgeoning consumer demand.


Collagen was originally used to treat inflammation and other painful symptoms related to arthritis. Since then, its beneficial scope has broadened, and collagen supplements address diverse health and wellness issues.


The global collagen market witnessed remarkable growth between 2018 and 2020, nearly doubling its value from $3.5 billion to $8.36 billion.


Furthermore, projections indicate a promising trend, with the market value expected to nearly double again to approximately $16.7 billion by 2028.


Early adopters of collagen products primarily aimed to cater to the physical health benefits sought by many, such as facilitating sports recovery, enhancing muscle and joint wellness, and promoting bone and ligament health. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has considerably evolved, with many companies spanning the food, beverage, beauty, wellness, and skincare industries investing in collagen. These industries are unleashing an array of collagen-infused products on the market, designed to address a broad spectrum of health, beauty, and overall wellness concerns.


The emergence of collagen as a major player in the wellness industry underlines the ongoing exploration of this essential protein’s potential to contribute to our health, beauty, and well-being.


Collagen From MojoMe: Back Your Body With The Very Best


MojoMe is South Africa’s most awarded collagen brand. It takes pride in presenting an internationally award-winning selection of collagen products, encompassing everything from powders and capsules to delicious bone broths. Our collagen range promises a multitude of benefits that cater to various aspects of your health and well-being:


  • Enhancing skin elasticity and hydration: Our collagen products nourish your skin from within, improving its elasticity and hydration and contributing to a youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles: Regular collagen intake can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, making it a powerful ally in your anti-ageing routine.
  • Boosting metabolism: Supplementing with collagen can support your metabolic health, aiding in the efficient breakdown and use of nutrients.
  • Promoting stronger nails: Our collagen products could contribute to the growth and strength of your nails, supporting a healthier look and feel.
  • Fostering healthier hair: By providing essential nutrients, our collagen supplements can promote thicker, shinier, and healthier hair.
  • Alleviating joint pain and discomfort: Regular collagen intake can help soothe joint pain and discomfort, promoting mobility and flexibility.
  • Optimising body composition: Collagen supplements can support lean muscle mass and aid in maintaining a balanced body composition.


Collagen And Hair Health


Our appearance is often defined by aesthetics such as hair, skin, and nails, which can be significantly enhanced and rejuvenated through collagen supplementation. Age-induced deterioration spares no part of our body, and our hair is no exception. Our hair experiences numerous transformations with age, impacting its health and appearance. A collagen deficiency may result in lacklustre, brittle, and unhealthy hair. However, these unwelcome signs of ageing can be effectively counteracted with reliable collagen supplementation.


  1. Boost Hair Growth: Anecdotal evidence suggests that regular intake of collagen supplements can foster accelerated and stronger hair growth. Collagen is replete with amino acids crucial for hair development, offering the indispensable building blocks for hair follicle formation and improving hair growth.
  2. Enhance Hair Thickness and Volume: Beyond improving hair growth, collagen is instrumental in preserving the hair’s structural integrity, thereby contributing to its thickness and volume. Collagen supplementation can stimulate the production of robust and healthy hair fibres, which ultimately mature into strong hair strands, consequently improving hair thickness and fullness with consistent usage.
  3. Reinforce Hair Strength and Resilience: Collagen supplements support hair strength and elasticity, rendering it more resistant to damage and breakage. Regular intake of collagen supplements is known to reinforce the structural integrity of hair strands, helping to prevent breakage and the emergence of unwanted split ends.
  4. Improve Hair Texture and Condition: Just as collagen hydrates and moisturises skin, it provides similar benefits to hair. The moisturising properties of collagen refine the hair’s overall texture and condition, endowing it with a smoother shine and reducing frizz.
  5. Nourish Scalp Health: The origin of healthy hair is rooted in the scalp’s health. A nourished and balanced scalp environment, fostered by collagen, promotes hair growth. Collagen aids in improving blood circulation in the scalp and maintaining optimal scalp health, laying the foundation for the growth of strong, healthy hair.


By understanding the comprehensive benefits of collagen, you can effectively leverage its properties to rejuvenate your hair’s health and beauty, making it a vital component of your wellness routine.




Collagen And Skin Health


The Impact of Collagen on Skin Health and Vitality


Collagen, naturally produced by our bodies, plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and a radiant, youthful appearance. With age, several changes in our skin occur that can be detrimental to our appearance. With collagen supplements from MojoMe, you have the potential to restore your skin to a more youthful state, addressing a multitude of skin issues in a non-invasive manner.


  • Address Wrinkles and Fine Lines: The natural decline in collagen production accompanying ageing has noticeable effects on our skin, with wrinkles and facial lines among the most prevalent signs of ageing. These indicators are often linked to a deficiency in skin elasticity. By incorporating collagen supplements into your regimen, you can restore some of this lost elasticity, which smooths your skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful appearance.
  • Counter Sagging Skin: Ageing also brings the challenge of sagging skin. Over time, reduced collagen levels translate into decreased skin elasticity, causing the skin to droop and sag. Collagen treatments can bring back the elasticity to the skin and improve firmness and tightness, thus reducing the prominence of sagging skin.
  • Revitalise Dullness and Uneven Texture: Depleted collagen levels can result in a dull complexion and uneven skin texture, predominantly due to a slowdown in cell turnover. Incorporating collagen supplements allows your skin to rejuvenate, promoting a more radiant glow and achieving a more even skin tone.
  • Enhance Hydration: Taking collagen supplements gives the skin a more plump, hydrated look. A more youthful appearance is attributed to collagen’s role in improving the skin’s capacity to absorb and retain moisture, thereby preventing dryness and dehydration. For this reason, many individuals who commence a collagen supplement regimen observe a noticeable glow in their skin.
  • Minimise Scars and Stretch Marks: Collagen production in the body is an essential part of the wound-healing process enabling the body to form scar tissue. Scars and stretch marks can be visually displeasing for many, and research indicates that collagen supplements can improve the appearance of these blemishes. This improvement is facilitated by promoting collagen synthesis and remodelling, enhancing the skin’s overall aesthetic.


By understanding the power of collagen in maintaining skin vitality, you can make an informed choice to incorporate it into your skincare routine. With MojoMe’s collagen supplements, the road to a healthier and more youthful complexion is well within reach.


Collagen And Joint Health


Joints are specialised structures where two or more bones intersect, enabling mobility while providing structural support to our skeletal system.


Our joints are pivotal for movement, granting us a wide range of motion and flexibility, indispensable for everyday activities. They facilitate various motions such as walking, running, bending, and lifting. Without functional joints, our bodies would become stiff and immobile.


One of the principal factors contributing to joint deterioration is ageing. As we age, our joints start to weaken due to natural wear and tear, which can lead to pain and restricted mobility.


MojoMe’s collagen supplements provide the body with essential proteins crucial for maintaining the structure and function of various tissues, including the joints. Collagen accounts for about one-third of the total protein content in most mammals’ bodies, offering support and strength to connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. These are critical for maintaining healthy joints.


Improve Cartilage Strength: Collagen constitutes a significant component of our cartilage, a tissue that acts as a protective buffer between our bones, offering elasticity, stability, and strength.


Support for Physical Activities: Collagen has garnered popularity among athletes and physically active individuals who require additional joint support during high-impact activities. Repeated physical exertion can induce stress and wear on joints, but collagen supplementation assists in fostering joint recovery and reducing exercise-induced pain that can accumulate over time.


Relieve Inflammation: Various joint diseases can incite inflammation in the joints. Studies suggest that augmenting collagen levels in the body effectively counters this inflammation. Hence, collagen supplements can aid in mitigating joint inflammation, providing relief for individuals experiencing joint discomfort.


Alleviate Joint Pain and Improving Function: Collagen is key in enhancing joint functionality and body support. Over time, or due to injuries or joint diseases, our joints may weaken, and movement can become painful. However, research indicates that collagen peptides show significant potential in reducing joint pain, thereby restoring function and mobility.


Understanding these benefits of collagen can help you make informed decisions about your joint health and wellness routine. By incorporating collagen supplements into your regimen, you can actively support your joint health, enhance your physical performance, and improve your overall well-being.




Collagen Production In The Body


As we age, our body’s natural collagen production starts to wane. This decrease can exacerbate joint discomfort and give rise to other health complications. However, these problems can be alleviated and sometimes even circumvented through collagen supplements that naturally replenish the body’s collagen levels.


Age is one of the most impactful factors contributing to the decline in our joints’ health and mobility, and ageing is, of course, unavoidable. High-impact activities and sports also inflict wear and tear over time. However, there is a silver lining; all of the above-mentioned issues can be addressed with collagen supplements, rejuvenating your joint health and enabling you to maintain an active, unrestricted lifestyle without discomfort or pain.


It’s prudent not to wait until you experience the adverse effects of ageing before starting collagen supplements. Many people choose to incorporate these supplements into their diets early on to extend the longevity and health of their joints. Make an informed decision for your joint health and wellness today with the use of collagen supplements.


About MojoMe


MojoMe provides a diverse range of collagen supplement options designed to cater to our customers’ varied preferences and requirements. Two unique offerings include:


100% Pure Bovine Collagen Powder: This award-winning product consists of 100% hydrolysed collagen powder derived from grass-fed beef. It is particularly beneficial for the hair, nails, skin, and joints. This collagen powder can boost our body’s natural capacity to repair and rejuvenate itself, counteracting the adverse effects of ageing.


100% Pure Marine Collagen Powder: Ethically sourced from wild-caught fish in the North Atlantic, MojoMe’s Marine Collagen Powder promises to combat the undesirable effects of ageing, maintain dermal thickness, and enhance skin hydration, restoring its elasticity. This product promotes strong nails, healthy, lustrous hair, and radiant skin from within.


These collagen powders, packed with high-quality ingredients, are presented in an odourless, tasteless powdered form, making them easy to incorporate into any meal, shake, or beverage. Seamlessly blend these collagen powders into your favourite hot or cold drinks, smoothies, or more, and prepare yourself to experience remarkable, enduring results. Enjoy a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle with MojoMe.


Other MojoMe collagen products include our Sport Collagen, a variety of Instant Collagen Bone Broth flavours, Collagen Capsules and a range of other health and wellness products. If you would like to learn more about the positive effects of collagen supplements, or browse MojoMe’s award-winning offering, visit us online or in-store today!