Collagen 101: Discover Why Size Matters!

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    When you invest in collagen supplements, the core objective is to ensure that your body efficiently absorbs the collagen. Effective absorption is fundamental for collagen to deliver its expected health benefits.

    The Role of Collagen Size in Efficient Absorption


    If the collagen supplement you’re taking isn’t well absorbed—due to factors such as large molecule size (granules) or low bioavailability—your body doesn’t gain the intended benefits, which translates to money wasted.


    Hydrolysis: Unlocking the Power of Collagen Absorption


    The size of collagen molecules plays a crucial role in their absorption by the body. In their natural state, collagen molecules are too large to be efficiently absorbed by the body.


    This is where hydrolysis comes in, an enzymatic process that breaks down collagen molecules to a smaller size, thereby increasing their bioavailability or the rate at which they are absorbed into the body when ingested.


    The superiority of Low Dalton Weight Collagen in MojoMe Products


    These smaller hydrolysed “collagen peptides” can be readily absorbed through the intestinal barrier and then circulated throughout the body to the areas where they are most needed.


    However, it’s important to note that not all hydrolysed collagen is created equal.


    The molecular weight of the collagen molecule, expressed in Dalton (Da), is a crucial factor. Lower Dalton weight, which results from using premium collagen sources and a more extensive hydrolysis process, signifies higher purity and bioavailability.


    Higher purity collagen, such as the grass-fed and wild-caught marine collagen used in MojoMe products, is characterised by its lack of flavour and odour and ability to dissolve instantly and effortlessly without forming lumps or clumps.

    Size Matters: Choosing Premium Collagen for Desired Results


    A lower Dalton weight (smaller molecule size) leads to higher bioavailability, meaning the collagen is absorbed more readily by the body, resulting in enhanced benefits for you.


    While most hydrolysed collagen supplements and collagen granules have a molecular weight of 5000 Da, MojoMe uses a remarkably low Dalton weight of less than 2000 Da.


    This smaller molecule size gives MojoMe collagen supplements their exceptional, clinically proven and market-leading absorption rate of >96% while delivering those incredible anti-ageing benefits to your body faster, with better results and more value for your money.


    Even more exciting is that the consumption and absorption of hydrolysed collagen stimulate your body to produce more of its own native collagen where it’s needed. Therefore, the more collagen your body absorbs, the more it generates. So don’t be tempted to compromise and always insist on superior 2000 Da molecular weight collagen from MojoMe.


    Interestingly, your body prioritises collagen distribution in order of where it’s needed most, and that might not be where you expect it to be! While you might take collagen intending to improve your hair health, if your nails have a more significant collagen deficiency, you might observe improvements there first.


    In summary, the science of collagen and its effective absorption by the body is related to the size of its molecules.


    Selecting a premium-quality collagen supplement like MojoMe, with its low molecular weight of less than 2000 Da, ensures optimal absorption and utilisation by the body, delivering maximum anti-ageing benefits and value for your money.


    Experience Superior Bioavailability: Explore MojoMe Collagen Products Today


    So remember, in the world of collagen supplements, size truly matters. Whether your goal is to boost the health of your hair, nails, skin, gut, or joints, prioritizing high-quality collagen with low molecular weight ensures the best results and value for money.

    Experience the Distinctive Benefits of Superior Bioavailability


    Explore the range of MojoMe collagen products today and experience the distinctive benefits of superior bioavailability! Our collagen supplements, crafted from grass-fed and wild-caught marine sources, undergo an extensive hydrolysis process to achieve a remarkable Dalton weight of less than 2000 Da. This ensures exceptional purity and absorption rates of over 96%, allowing you to enjoy the incredible anti-ageing benefits faster and with better outcomes.


    Invest in your well-being and choose collagen developed for optimal absorption and efficacy. MojoMe offers you the key to unlocking the power of collagen, supporting your hair, nails, skin, gut, and joints in their journey towards vitality and health. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Try MojoMe collagen products today and discover the difference that superior bioavailability can make in your life.


    Remember, size matters when it comes to collagen. Experience the transformative effects of high-quality, low molecular weight collagen with MojoMe.

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