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MojoMe Collagen Powder Sourced From Grass-Fed Bovine

100% Pure Collagen Powder (Type I & III)

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Instant Bone Broth Powder – Savoury Beef

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MojoMe Collagen Broth – Jalapeño Chicken

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MojoMe Keto Collagen Creamer 250g

Keto Collagen Creamer 250g

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A 250g container of MojoMe marine collagen powder displayed against a white background. The packaging is accented with pink and turquoise graphics, emphasising its key benefits like radiant skin, nourish nails and joint health, all derived from wild-caught, hydrolysed type I marine collagen peptides

Marine Collagen Powder (Type I) Wild-Caught

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MojoMe Marine Collagen Capsules 180

Marine Collagen Capsules 180s

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Multi Collagen

Multi Collagen Powder

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Pure Collagen Capsules 180 Tablets

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Welcome to the Fountain of Youth: Discover the transformative power of Collagen Powder, nature's building block for rejuvenation and health. Collagen isn't just a buzzword; it's a scientific marvel. It is the most abundant protein in your body and essential for skin integrity, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. There is a stunning variety of types, notably Type I, II, and III, each serving a specialised function, from strengthening your skin to supporting joint health.

Peel back the layers of your biology to comprehend these collagen types and their exclusive advantages, fortifying everything from your skin's elasticity to your joint resilience. Yet, how can you ensure your body receives and utilises collagen effectively? Bioavailability is the key—the gateway allows these proteins to be absorbed and put to work, fuelling regeneration where it counts. Let's explore why bioavailability transforms collagen powder from a supplement to a potent ally in your quest for youthful radiance, vitality and health.

Information at a glance

    The Source of Our Collagen

    At the heart of every collagen powder lies its source—a determining factor of the product's purity and effectiveness. Our premium collagen powder originates from the most trusted sources, encompassing a variety of types to suit your preferences and dietary requirements.

    Source of Collagen

    Understanding where your collagen comes from is crucial for ensuring its quality. We extract collagen from several sources, including:

    • Bovine Collagen: Sourced from the skin, bones, and muscles of cows, bovine collagen is celebrated for its high levels of type I and III collagen, which are essential for maintaining the structure of the skin, digestive tract, bones, and muscles.
    • Marine Collagen: Derived from marine fish skin and scales, marine collagen is primarily type I collagen, which is recognised for its superior bioavailability and skin health benefits.
    • Chicken Collagen: Procured from chicken cartilage, this type of collagen is rich in type II collagen and is often used to support joint, bone and cartilage health.

    Among these, we pride ourselves on our Pure Collagen Powder from grass-fed beef. This premium source ensures you receive the highest quality collagen with superior amino acid profiles, which are critical for your body's rejuvenation and repair.

    Commitment to Non-GMO and Natural Ingredients

    We're deeply committed to keeping things natural and non-GMO, and that's at the heart of our promise to you. The collagen peptides in our bovine powder come from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, completely free from genetically modified organisms. When you choose our product, you're not just getting something effective—you're also choosing purity and environmental sustainability. It's a responsible and safe way to give your body what it needs.

    The Power Behind Our Products

    Unlock the dynamic benefits of collagen powder, meticulously crafted to transform your well-being from the inside out. Delve into the core of our supplement's efficacy: the advanced formulation utilising hydrolyzed collagen. It's not just about the collagen; it's about how your body uses it.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

    What sets our products apart is the hydrolyzed collagen. This particular form undergoes a process that breaks down the protein into smaller molecules known as peptides, which are more accessible for your body to absorb. It's like pre-digesting the collagen, ensuring your body doesn't have to work as hard, so the amino acids are ready to work where you need them most.

    Absorption and Digestion

    We've formulated our collagen powders with your digestive system in mind. Our collagen powder is fine-tuned for optimal digestion and absorption by optimising the particle size through hydrolyzation. This advanced approach allows the body to quickly integrate the collagen, helping you reap the benefits much faster.

    Muscle Repair and Joint Support

    Whether you're an athlete looking to speed up recovery or simply seeking everyday comfort, our collagen powder stands as a pillar of support. Collagen is crucial for muscle repair and maintaining the integrity of your joints. Regular intake can be impactful, providing the building blocks your body requires to remain strong and resilient.

    • Assists in rebuilding muscle, ligament and tendon fibres post-workout.
    • Offers a soothing cushion for joints, promoting flexibility and ease of movement.
    • Encourages overall muscular and skeletal health for a well-balanced physique.

    The Benefits of Incorporating Collagen Powder into Your Diet

    Unlock the rejuvenating power of collagen and give your body a wellness boost. Incorporating collagen powder into your daily regimen can promote visible health benefits and support your body's natural processes. Here are some of the key improvements you may notice:

    Skin Health

    Anti-ageing Benefits: Collagen is pivotal in maintaining skin's youthful appearance and elasticity. Its ability to promote skin hydration and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines makes it an invaluable component of your skin care regimen.

    Improved Skin Elasticity: By replenishing your body's natural collagen levels, you're effectively supporting the skin's structure, providing a firmer and smoother texture with each scoop of collagen powder you integrate into your diet.

    Bone Health

    Collagen doesn't just benefit the outer layers of your body; it extends its reach to your inner strength. It helps maintain the integrity of your bones, contributing to overall bone density and durability as you age.

    Joint Support

    Regular collagen intake improves joint flexibility and comfort. As a supportive tissue, collagen helps maintain joint mobility and soothes the discomfort of age-related wear and tear.

    Protein Source

    Are you looking for a high-quality, clean protein source? Collagen powder is an excellent way to supplement your dietary needs. It typically provides 18 amino acids, which are often lacking in a modern diet, without any added fillers or preservatives. These include essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids (which the body cannot synthesise and must obtain from food). 

    Nail and Hair Growth

    Elevate the strength and lustre of your nails and hair. Collagen is crucial in fortifying nail beds and giving your hair a vibrant, glossy look full of life and vitality.

    • Skin Health: Embrace the anti-ageing benefits and improved skin hydration and elasticity.
    • Bone Health: Support your skeletal system for stronger, healthier bones.
    • Joint Support: Promote joint health and flexibility to live life to the fullest.
    • Protein Source: Utilise a clean protein to satisfy your dietary needs effectively.
    • Nail and Hair Growth: Watch as your nails become tougher and your hair more lustrous with each serving.

    Effortlessly Infuse Collagen Into Your Daily Routine

    Incorporating collagen powder into your daily diet can be surprisingly easy and flexible, accommodating even the busiest lifestyles. Collagen powder is known for its versatility, making it an ideal addition to your meals and snacks throughout the day. Here are some straightforward tips to help you seamlessly incorporate this nutrient-rich supplement into your diet.

    Simple Ways to Integrate Collagen Powder

    • Start your morning with a scoop of collagen in your coffee, tea, or smoothie.
    • Enhance your meals by mixing collagen into soups, sauces, or stews.
    • Boost your baking by adding collagen to pancakes, muffins, or homemade protein bars.
    • Stay hydrated by stirring collagen into your water bottle for an extra protein punch throughout the day.

    Taste and Mixability

    One of the greatest attributes of our collagen powder is its unobtrusive taste, making it a complementary addition to a variety of foods and beverages. You don't have to worry about it overpowering your favourite flavours. Moreover, its excellent mixability ensures that it can integrate smoothly into both hot and cold liquids and a variety of semi-solid foods, thereby maintaining the original texture and flavour of your dish or drink.

    Recipes and Suggestions

    Get creative in the kitchen with these delightful recipes that not only taste great but also provide the nourishing benefits of collagen:

    • Collagen-Infused Berry Smoothie: Blend a scoop of collagen powder with mixed berries, banana, almond milk, and a dollop of yoghurt for a refreshing and protein-rich beverage.
    • Hearty Breakfast Oatmeal: Stir collagen into your morning oatmeal along with nuts, seeds, and a drizzle of honey for an energising start to the day.
    • Savoury Soup Thickness: Dissolve collagen into your favourite soup recipes to add a nutritional boost without altering the taste or texture.
    • Homemade Protein Bites: Mix collagen powder with oats, nut butter, honey and dark chocolate chips to create tasty and nourishing snacks for on-the-go energy.

    Harvesting Collagen

    Harvesting collagen-rich materials is a crucial step in making our highest-quality collagen powder. This involves collecting the raw materials that contain collagen, such as animal bones, hides, and skin, and processing them to extract the collagen protein.

    The harvest typically starts by sourcing the highest-quality raw materials from reputable suppliers. These materials are then cleaned, sterilised, and processed to remove impurities or contaminants. Once the collagen-rich materials are prepared, they are broken down into smaller pieces to increase the surface area for extraction.

    After the initial processing, our collagen is extracted using a combination of heat, pressure, and enzymatic treatments. This helps to break down the collagen fibres and release the protein molecules. The extracted collagen is filtered to remove any remaining impurities, resulting in a pure collagen solution.

    Overall, the harvesting process is crucial in ensuring the quality and efficacy of collagen powder products. We use the highest-quality raw materials and advanced processing techniques to produce collagen powders rich in bioactive collagen peptides, which are highly beneficial for skin, joints, and overall health.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Collagen Powder

    Our customers often have questions about incorporating collagen powder into their routines and understanding its benefits. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Collagen powder is a supplement made from animal or fish materials that contain collagen, a protein integral to healthy skin, hair, bones, and joints. It is created by breaking down full-length collagen molecules through a process called hydrolysis, which results in small, easily dissolvable peptides.

    flavourless and mixes well into beverages, smoothies, soups, or baked goods. For best results, please follow the recommended serving suggestions on the labelling.

    Many users report skin elasticity and hydration improvements after regularly consuming collagen powder. While individual results may vary, scientific studies show that collagen peptides can support healthy skin.

    Collagen powders are considered safe for most people. However, if you have allergies to the collagen source (such as bovine or fish), choosing a powder that suits your needs is important. Pregnant or nursing mothers and those with a diagnosed medical condition should consult a healthcare provider before adding any supplement to their daily regimen.

    You may notice beneficial effects as early as a few weeks, but we usually recommend consistent use over several months for optimal results. Patience and regularity are key when adding any supplement to your diet.

    There is evidence that collagen supplements may relieve joint pain by promoting cartilage regeneration. As such, they might be a helpful addition to the diet of individuals experiencing such discomfort.

    • Our products are sourced from the best, clinically verified imported nutrients produced by world-leading collagen manufacturers.
    • We ensure rigorous testing and quality control.
    • It's a unique range of highly bioavailable low-molecular collagen peptides, which gives our collagen powders their market-leading digestibility and rapid absorption rate of 97% within 2 hours for maximum anti-ageing and health benefits.
    • Packed in our own FSA (Food Safety Accredited), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Certified Gluten Free Facilities in Cape Town
    • Halaal Certified by NIHT (National Independent Halaal Trust) South Africa

    If you have more questions about our collagen powder or how it can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.