Information you should know (and possibly don't?) and the questions you should be asking when selecting your preferred collagen supplement and brand of choice.



Not all collagen is created equal

MojoMe stands 100% behind its collagen — MojoMe collagen powders are imported ultra-high-purity collagen peptides produced by the worlds leading nutritionists and scientists. Scientifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties which is why it's most sought after collagen globally. However, research is key and knowledge is power and should also be the deciding factor when choosing what goes into your body.


Don't be duped by unsubstantiated claims!

Everyone deserves to have the best ... that's why MojoMe empowers you with the facts to enable you to make educated choices and informed decisions.

In a market flooded with newcomers and generic "no-name" collagen brands all claiming to be "best", it can become confusing. Unfortunately not all collagen brands offer the same world-class efficacy, product integrity (purity and safety) transparency of information and traceability.

MojoMe ensures our consumers have complete trust in their collagen BEFORE it goes into their bodies.

If it's not MojoMe 100% Pure Hydrolysed Collagen imported from the world's leading collagen peptide producers with proven efficacy backed by science and clinical trials, can it be trusted?


Why MojoMe?

We are super proud of our amazing customers and mentors who, during the last 8 years (since 2013) have helped transform MojoMe into the international award-winning and market-leading performance nutrition (Keto) brand it is today. MojoMe is female-owned, managed and supported by a dedicated dream team of aspiring ladies from Cape Town's disadvantaged communities. An innovative health brand without compromise, MojoMe was conceived to educate, inspire and empower. The best products demand the best ingredients. For us, that means sourcing superior raw ingredients from the world's leading producers. MojoMe is a preferred supplier to national retailers, our production facilities are independently audited and FSA Certified (Food Safety Accredited). Our entire range is guaranteed free from empty calories, refined sugar, gluten, grain and artificial ingredients. #hellomojo

MojoMe Collagen 101

What's in our tubs?

MojoMe Bovine and Marine Collagen are 100% Pure Hydrolysed  Collagen Peptides

We guarantee that MojoMe Pure Collagen powders do not contain added ingredients, fillers or bulking agents. MojoMe collagen powders are imported and batch checked — branded and packed under licence in our own FSA food-safety accredited and certified (gluten-free) facilities in Cape Town.
MojoMe Pure Collagen powders are unique bioactive proteins that offer a superior absorption rate (>96%) and scientifically proven benefits for healthy ageing, joint and bone health, skin beauty and sports nutrition.

MojoMe Collagen 101

Where does MojoMe collagen come from?

MojoMe grass-fed Bovine Pure Collagen is produced in Brazil. MojoMe wild-caught Marine Collagen and type II collagen is produced in France

MojoMe collagen is produced by global-leading experts in the research and manufacture of hydrolysed collagen peptides operating from state-of-the-art ISO9001 production facilities located in Europe and South America.

MojoMe Collagen 101

Where is it repacked?

MojoMe Collagen is packed in our own FSA (Food Safety Accredited) Certified Facilities in Cape Town

Essential Consumer Protection
Fortunately, consumers are becoming increasingly alert to issues surrounding food safety and hygiene. Our facilities are certified and regularly audited to ensure the highest standards in food safety compliance, manufacturing best practice and product traceability.

MojoMe Collagen 101

Benefits backed by science

Supported by world-class nutritional scientists and academics

The efficacy of MojoMe collagen has been widely demonstrated in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies and results have been published in leading scientific journals.

MojoMe Collagen 101

COMPLETELY flavourless and odourless

MojoMe is all about giving you the absolute best

... we're also about making sure that we source only the highest quality products and ingredients on the market — ethically, sustainably and without compromise. That's why after many months of evaluation and testing MojoMe officially partnered with the global leading producer to bring you world-class, premium collagen powders. So of course, MojoMe bovine and marine collagen powders are completely flavourless and odourless and dissolve instantly and clear every time, in water or your preferred beverage of choice.

MojoMe BOVINE Collagen as Peptan®

Grass-fed, pasture raised

Pasture-raised animals live in large open spaces and feed on grass

MojoMe Collagen is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals located in Brazil, Paraquay and Uruguay. Cows are meant to be out in the pasture, eating grass and having a good time. That said, our cows may get some natural feed as they transition off of the pasture or during times of extreme drought.

MojoMe MARINE Collagen

100% Wild-caught marine fish

FREE from shellfish, crustaceans and farmed fish

MojoMe Pure Marine Collagen is sourced from 100% wild-caught fish harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the North-Atlantic using MSC Certified sustainable fishing practices. 

MojoMe Collagen 101

Free From Antibiotics and Hormones

When we say "Pure" we mean "certified pure"

MojoMe collagen conforms to European regulations and does not contain antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, pesticides or heavy metals.
(Regulation N°396/2005, N°1881/2006, N°1259/2011, N°37/2010,  N°470/2009)

MojoMe Collagen 101


When we say "non-GMO" we mean it

MojoMe Collagen powders are certified non-GMO. They are NOT produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and there is no risk of cross-contamination" and are also certified free from Glyphosate.

MojoMe Collagen 101

Licencing Audit

MojoMe products and information is checked and audited

MojoMe Collagen product claims, nutritional information, labelling and website information is audited to ensure 100% technical compliance and 100% accuracy. This ensures the integrity of the product and brand and protects consumers from false or misleading statements and claims.



We empower our consumers with the knowledge to make educated choices and informed decisions #hellomojo




This MojoMe product has been certified Halaal by the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) South Africa

The National Independent Trust (NIHT) aspires to the highest Halaal standards as prescribed by the Sharia (Islamic Law). These standards have been set by Mufti and Ulema from across the complete spectrum of Islamic ideology.

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