Understanding Pure Collagen Powder


Why is there a rising popularity for products like pure collagen powder today? The underlying reason is the paradigm shift in health trends and beauty standards from potentially harmful synthetic methods to a more organic, health-focused approach. In addition, the push for healthier diets has significantly fueled this trend. Nonetheless, due to the dietary restrictions associated with many of these diets, some individuals may require additional collagen supplementation to compensate for the nutrients they miss out on.


In 2013, when founder and CEO Julia Edwards ignited the spark that became MojoMe, she was acutely aware of collagen’s critical role in fostering a healthy lifestyle. As a result, her resolve was unshakeable: to supply prospective customers with superior collagen supplements with clinically proven results. Fast forward to today, MojoMe takes pride in offering a range of top-tier collagen sources meticulously crafted by the world’s leading producers.


In this feature, we aim to illuminate the importance of collagen for your health and well-being. By delving into the science that underpins our MojoMe products, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of collagen’s multifaceted roles. The article will probe various aspects of collagen and conclude by demonstrating why MojoMe’s pure collagen powder stands unmatched in the industry.




What Is Collagen?


In the first section of this article, let us take a closer look at what collagen is, the different types, and its essential role in our bodily functions.


What Is Collagen:


Pure collagen powder is exactly what it says on the label, a supplement containing a single collagen ingredient. Collagen is an abundant protein found in the body. It is an integral protein for the formation of skin but is also found in our bones, tendons and ligaments. On a chemical level, collagen is a structural protein uniquely characterised by its unique composition of amino acids, specifically a unique combination of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The molecular structure of collagen is a triple helix, which interlinks with other collagen molecules to construct a net-like matrix, better known as the dermis.


The Types of Collagen:


When we talk about collagen, we generally divide it into one of three categories. The differentiating factors between these three types are found in their structural composition and the tissue they support.


Type I: The most common type of collagen in the body, it is found in tightly packed fibrous layouts. It is vital in the skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, teeth, and connective tissues – providing resistance to stretching and maintaining the overall shape of the tissue.


Type II: These molecules are more loosely packed than type I and form the shape of a fibril network. Their primary function is to maintain cartilage tissue between joints. Cartilage, in turn, helps joints function smoothly and helps with shock absorption too.


Type III: This molecule is shaped like a branching structure with an exemplary collagen fibre network. Type III collagen is essential in supporting the structural integrity of organs, muscles and blood vessels. It also works in conjunction with type I collagen to support the structure and elasticity of the skin.


Collagen Functions:


In our discussion of collagen types, we underscored their key roles, notably providing structural support to all the primary organs in our body, including the skin. By incorporating our exceptional MojoMe Pure Collagen Powder into your regimen, you can reap remarkable additional benefits of collagen, which encompass:


Taking hydrolysed collagen has been shown to protect against harsh UV rays, one of the leading causes of melasma (a skin condition characterised by brown or greyish-blue patches).


As mentioned above, type II collagen helps support cartilage. But a study from 2017 showed that collagen could help repair micro-lesions in cartilage, which leads to an improved healing rate in joint-related injuries.


Collagen can even help improve cardiovascular health. Taking a constant source of collagen can reduce cholesterol levels and arterial stiffness too.




The Beauty Benefits Of Pure Collagen Powder


Recently, collagen has emerged as the belle of the beauty ball. It has become a universal term in nearly every beauty or health publication in circulation. The upsurge in collagen’s popularity is primarily due to its association with healthier, more luminous, radiant skin. Consequently, many beauty products related to skin care – ranging from gels to tablets and everything in between – now incorporate some form of collagen extract.


However, the potential pitfall of these products is that other active ingredients could interfere with collagen’s optimal functionality. That’s why at MojoMe, we present you with a pure collagen powder to ensure you reap all the aesthetic benefits collagen offers. Let’s delve deeper into those beauty benefits here:


Skin Elasticity And Wrinkle Reduction: Both type I and III work together to firm up the skin. Due to the molecular structure of collagen, they play a vital role in supporting the skin’s structure (mainly the dermis, of which it is a significant component) and maintaining firmness and elasticity, reducing sagging skin and wrinkles.


Hydration And Water Retention: A unique collagen factor helps skin retain moisture. This is because the collagen molecule can naturally bind to water, conditioning skin to retain more water. This prevents skin from drying out and cracking and keeps it smooth and supple for longer.


Manage Cellulite: For many individuals, cellulite is a constant worry. Cellulite is a fatty deposit under the skin. Cellulite leads to lumpy or dimpled flesh around the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach. Because of where cellulite sits under the skin, it damages the bonds between collagen fibres. Taking a pure collage powder supplement will restrengthen these bonds and reduce the side effects of cellulite.


Wound Healing: Collagen is even involved in healing wounds and scars. Because it is involved in forming new skin tissue, mainly type I collagen, collagen can help promote the repair of damaged skin tissue. By using a supplement like pure collagen powder to bolster the collagen levels in your body, you can help speed up healing wounds.


Hair Growth and Strength: We have seen how collagen is crucial in skin, cartilage and organ support. But did you know that cartilage is also an essential element in hair? Supplementing your diet with collagen can lead to a more robust and thicker hair set.




Collagen Production And Decline


So far, we have discussed what collagen is and its tangible benefits. The benefits of MojoMe’s pure collagen powder products are already becoming apparent. But where does collagen come from? How do collagen levels decrease over time, and how can we help boost our body’s collagen levels to negate that? Understanding these principles is especially important when one wishes to reap all the beauty benefits discussed in the previous section. So let us delve into these questions here:


The Formation of Collagen:


When we investigated what exactly collage was, we noted that it was a structural protein primarily comprised of amino acids with an abundance of three key amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. First, however, for all our chemistry enthusiasts reading, let’s look more in-depth at the process.


It is essential to know that the natural production of collagen within our bodies happens in cells called fibroblasts. Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing a variety of connective tissues, including collagen, bone-forming osteoblasts and lipid-filled adipocytes.


Furthermore is also crucial to note that the complete formation of a collagen molecule, made up of multiple amino acids, is done in two parts. First, intracellularly (which means within the cell’s walls) and afterwards extracellularly, the components formed within the cell are fused to form a collagen fibre.


The Decline of Collagen:


Now that we are all experts in understanding what collagen is and how it is formed in the body, you may wonder how collagen production slows down. Unfortunately, there is no one cause for collagen decline. Instead, it is generally a combination of different factors that slows this process down.


Three of the most prominent factors in humans include:  


Age: This is the primary reason for declining collagen production. Generally, production starts to slow from around the age of twenty. Depending on your genetics, this decline may begin sooner or later. And this falloff happens at about 1% year-on-year. During menopause, women may witness an amplified decrease in collagen production.


UV Exposure: There is a proven link between the UV levels we subject our skin to and the rate at which collagen declines. This is because UV light impacts collagen structure, putting stress on the collagen fibres.


Dietary Elements: According to health professionals, your diet can directly impact the slowing down of collagen production. Doctors point to sugar as a primary contributor to this problem. This is because high levels of sugars can harden collagen and cause the fibres to fragment.


Boosting Collagen Production:


This may all sound very scary and make you wonder what you can do to remedy the situation. Well, rest assured that there are steps we can take to help our bodies out and improve the rate at which we can produce collagen.


The most obvious solution is adding a collagen supplement to your diet. Supplements like MojoMe’s variety of pure collagen powder are excellent examples.


Making effective use of vitamins and minerals has also proven helpful in improving collagen production. Essential vitamins include vitamin C, zinc and copper.


Finally, making good lifestyle choices like protecting your skin from harsh UV rays with a good quality sunblock when exposed to the sun for long periods can help reduce stress on the collagen fibres.


MojoMe: Premium Collagen Powder


In this article, we have discussed many important aspects related to collagen. In so doing, we have learnt that we can effectively help our bodies by using a good collagen supplement. But the truth is that not all collagen supplements are created equally. When it comes to collagen powders, there are not many better options than MojoMe’s pure collagen powder, and here is why:


An Award-Winning Company: MojoMe has been an industry-leading nutrition brand (especially in the Keto space) since its inception in 2013. The proof is in the pudding, and in 2016 MojoMe won the prestigious Women’s Health Supermarket Stars Awards. Thus new customers can rest assured that they are working with one of the best brands today.


Premium Quality Products: At MojoMe, we are committed to sourcing the best quality products internationally. Our Bovine Collagen Powder is sourced from only the best cattle stock in Brazil, and our Marine Collagen Powder is sourced from the thriving marine life of France – adding to the fact that all of our products are independently audited and FSA (Food Safety Accredited) approved. You know you are getting only the very best from MojoMe.


Backed By Science: Our products are reliable and remarkable because we have the studies to back them up. For example, our collagen powders’ effectiveness has been proven in placebo-controlled clinical studies, with the results published in leading scientific journals.


These are only a few reasons why MojoMe stands head and shoulders above our competition. When one also considers that we are 100% Halaal friendly and registered with The National Independent Halaal Trust South Africa, that our products are non-GMO, and are packaged in state-of-the-art facilities, there is no denying that when you think premium quality, you think MojoMe.




Collagen Powder: A Complete Understanding


This article aimed to illuminate readers about the nature of collagen, its production process, and its myriad of benefits. We delved into the decline of collagen production in the body and the methods to combat this issue. Lastly, we highlighted how we at MojoMe uphold our commitment to providing only the highest quality products, attesting to our popularity. If you’re intrigued by pure collagen powder and wish to learn more, we invite you to visit our website or contact us directly. Embark on a journey to enhance your health and beauty today!