Collagen Tablets: Enrich Your Lifestyle


Our collagen tablets are power-packed with immense potential to encourage healthy skin and slow ageing. If you’re unfamiliar with the advantages of incorporating collagen supplements into your dietary regimen, we’re here to enlighten you.


In this concise article, we aim to explain the efficacy of collagen tablets in diminishing wrinkles and amplifying skin hydration, along with their contribution to better gut and bone health.


At MojoMe, we take pride in our impressive line of collagen products, simplifying the task of getting the needed collagen for your body to boost your overall health. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits of these wellness products and explain more about their composition.




Collagen Tablets: Supporting Skin Health


A prominent advantage of collagen tablets is their incredible positive impact on skin health, hydration, and elasticity. Here’s how these tablets work wonders from within your body:


Improved Skin Elasticity – Our collagen tablets and our other wellness products are rich in vital amino acids, fundamental to producing and maintaining collagen fibres in the skin. As we age, our natural production of collagen dips, eventually leading to wrinkles, expression lines, and loss of elasticity. By supplementing your diet with ample collagen, you furnish your system with all the necessary building blocks to restore these dwindling collagen levels. This significantly bolsters the skin’s elasticity, reducing visible wrinkles and lines and fostering a smoother, more youthful complexion.d lines and encouraging a smoother, more youthful complexion.


Better Skin Hydration – Collagen supplements act as a natural humectant in the body, drawing and retaining moisture in the skin. Our collagen tablets help reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier, preventing water loss and enhancing hydration levels. By increasing the skin’s hydration levels, your skin will appear much fuller and supple. This increased hydration will also help lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.


Fewer Wrinkles – Collagen tablets and other collagen products are proven to boost the production of elastin fibres and collagen in the skin. These fibres fortify the skin’s structural base, making it more resilient and reducing wrinkles universally – collagen not only prevents the formation of new wrinkles but can also smooth out existing lines. Regularly using collagen tablets will gradually decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking firmer, smoother, and considerably more rejuvenated.


Reduces Frown Lines –  Often referred to as “expression lines”, these skin creases result from recurring movements of facial muscles over a prolonged period. Collagen capsules aid in reducing muscle tension and providing better levels of skin elasticity. By encouraging collagen synthesis, our products steer your skin’s support network in the right direction, making it noticeably more resilient to the creasing caused by expressions. Consequently, frown lines become less pronounced, and your face looks more relaxed and youthful.




Promotes Skin Regeneration – Collagen capsules are pivotal in triggering cell turnover and regeneration. Collagen significantly contributes to forming new cells, as it supports your system in maintaining the integrity of the skin’s extracellular network and providing structural support. By ingesting enough collagen, you supply your system with the nutrients vital for supporting the skin’s natural regeneration processes. This leads to a swifter turnover of old, damaged cells, unveiling fresher, more luminous, radiant skin!


Comprehensive Skin Health – Our collagen health products provide a more holistic approach to skin health than numerous other solutions. Collagen capsules tackle the root causes of the problems and work internally to foster better skin health. By facilitating collagen production within the body, one can improve elasticity, promote an even skin tone, and augment the skin’s innate ability to defend against environmental stressors. They also help maintain healthy skin function and structure, preventing premature ageing and retaining a youthful, vibrant appearance.


Collagen Tablets: Better Bone Health


Collagen capsules and other supplements significantly benefit bone health, particularly as we age and natural collagen production slows. Ageing results in the slow deterioration of bone strength and density. However, incorporating collagen supplements into your diet can counter these age-related problems and encourage improved bone health.


Collagen plays a fundamental role in maintaining the structural integrity of bones. The extracellular matrix requires optimal levels of collagen to support the structure of bone tissues. Collagen tablets enhance the body’s remarkable ability to regenerate and strengthen bones by providing the necessary building blocks. The amino acids in collagen, such as proline and glycine, are crucial for creating new collagen fibres and promoting healthy bone cell growth.


Ample research highlights the positive effects of collagen supplementation – one of the most critical findings showed that collagen can help reduce the risk of bone disorders like osteoporosis. This condition is marked by increased fragility and low bone mass, making those afflicted more prone to fractures and breaks. By boosting collagen levels in the body, one can help maintain bone mineral density and slow the age-related loss of bone mass.


In addition, collagen capsules have been found to improve joint health, which is closely linked to bone health. Collagen provides the necessary cushioning and lubrication to joints, allowing for smooth movement and reducing the likelihood of joint discomfort. This is especially beneficial for individuals with arthritis, as collagen supplements can help alleviate joint pain and stiffness.




Collagen Tablets: Improved Gut Health


Collagen tablets and other supplementation can significantly improve gut health, particularly as we age and our digestive system evolves. The gut, comprising the intestines and stomach, plays an essential role in your digestion, immune function, and nutrient absorption. Collagen boasts a unique amino acid profile that positively impacts digestive health.


Collagen tablets contain several essential amino acids, including proline, glycine, and glutamine – all critical to maintaining the gut lining. These crucial amino acids form the foundation for producing collagen and other proteins that make up the protective barrier of the intestinal walls.


As we age, this lining can become more susceptible to problems, one being increased permeability or “leaky gut syndrome.” If not properly addressed, this condition can lead to severe issues, as toxins and undigested food particles can seep through the gut lining. This can trigger inflammation and contribute to various digestive problems. Collagen supplementation can help strengthen the gut lining, promoting a healthy barrier function and reducing the likelihood of gut problems.


Additionally, collagen tablets support gastric acid production and digestive enzymes, significantly aiding digestion. Adequate gastric levels are crucial for proper nutrient absorption and food breakdown. For those experiencing age-related digestive issues, collagen supplements will enhance your system’s digestion, reduce discomfort, and assist with better nutrient assimilation.


Does Collagen Supplementation Have Any Side Effects?


The research conducted on the use of collagen supplements has reported minimal side effects. Collagen is naturally present in your body, so it’s impossible to be allergic to collagen. However, the source of the specific collagen type you’re considering is important.


For instance, if you have a known allergy to fish, crustaceans or shellfish, we advise against trying marine peptides, which may contain trace amounts of potential allergens.


There have been few reports of individuals experiencing bloating or constipation, but these cases are so infrequent that it’s hard to ascertain whether they were caused by collagen supplementation. Nonetheless, it’s always advised to consult with your dietitian or doctor before starting a new supplement regimen.


Collagen Tablets From MojoMe


At MojoMe, we never compromise on the quality of our products. They are all 100% natural with no artificial additives – as organic as you could possibly want. Here are a few of the collagen capsules we have on offer:


Multi Collagen Capsules


Are you searching for a comprehensive collagen solution? Our innovative Multi Collagen Tablets are just what you need! These tablets offer a potent blend of hydrolysed collagen, ethically sourced from caught white fish, chicken peptides, and grass-fed beef. This powerful formula nourishes your body from within by combining essential amino acids, including chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine. Why choose between joint health, beauty, and overall well-being, when you can have it all?


Our Multi Collagen Tablets provide a well-rounded collagen solution, supporting youthful skin, enhanced hydration, healthy nails, improved gut function, and joint comfort. Clinical trials have reported a 73% reduction in NSAID usage with these collagen tablets. Embrace this all-in-one collagen solution and look forward to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.




Type II Collagen Capsules


This MojoMe product is slightly more specialised but just as transformative. The Type II Collagen Capsules have been formulated to provide exceptional joint support. This revolutionary formula addresses bone density, joint mobility, and cartilage degradation – making it perfect for those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or simply those aiming to maintain their healthy joints.


Experience reduced joint swelling and stiffness as our Type II Collagen Capsules improve joint lubrication and cushioning while reinforcing the strength of your joints and bones. These remarkable collagen capsules efficiently replenish and restore mineral bone density by promoting better cartilage regeneration and preventing degeneration.


Incorporating type II collagen into your daily routine will enhance joint function, comfort, and mobility. Crafted with only the highest-quality natural ingredients, these triple-action joint support collagen capsules might give you a new lease on life!


With collagen capsules from MojoMe, you are investing in your overall health, from promoting youthful skin to improving gut health, strengthening bones, and fostering joint comfort. Harness the power of collagen to improve your quality of life today!