Collagen Marine v Bovine – Which is Best?

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    Collagen marine v bovine, discover which collagen source is best for you.


    There are at least 28 different types of collagen protein in your body, but 90% of these are collagen types I, II and III.


    Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but production declines with age, and the visible and degenerative signs of ageing begin to appear. Preclinical studies show that ingesting collagen daily can offset this decline and restore youthful radiance, vitality, and comfort.



    Marine Collagen


    Collagen sourced from fish is exclusively Type I collagen, which is the primary component of healthy:


    • Skin (75%)
    • Organic Bone (90%)
    • Tendons (85%)
    • Cartilage (70%) (Type I Fibro-cartilage and Type II elastic and hyaline cartilage)
    • Ligaments (70%)


    Type I maintains dermal thickness diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, hydration and firmness while improving nail strength, hair growth and shine.



    Marine collagen typically has more:

    • Alanine: (increased immunity, improved metabolic function, the energy source for the central nervous system, muscle tissue and brain, decreased muscle fatigue, liver detoxification, protection against free radicals and oxidative stress, improved cholesterol)
    • Arginine: (improved blood pressure, cardiovascular, heart health and wound healing) 
    • Aspartic acid: (neurotransmitter) 


    Because Type I is the most abundant form of collagen protein in the body, marine is the fastest way to help restore youthful radiance within as little as 2 – 12 weeks. Marine is the traditional choice of the skincare industry because of its smaller molecule size, easier digestion and rapid absorption, making it a slam dunk for beauty gurus.


    While marine collagen peptides don’t contain the minerals you’d typically associate with bone health, recent studies suggest that they may help support the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. Absorption was also associated with increased osteoblast activity, cells in the bone responsible for synthesising and mineralising bone.


    Another bonus is that MojoMe Marine Collagen Hydrolysate is environmentally friendly; If you opt for marine, make sure the brand you choose lists its actual source. “Marine” is a blanket term used to describe collagen derived from any ocean source, including jellyfish, shellfish, crustaceans and even sharks?!


    MojoMe Marine Collagen is produced from 100% wild-caught white fish (cod, haddock, and pollock) harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic using MSC-certified sustainable fishing practices. So, if you’re taking collagen to improve hair, skin, and nail health, want fast results, ethical sourcing, and a low carbon footprint, pure marine collagen might be your perfect solution.




    Bovine Collagen


    MojoMe Collagen powder sourced from grass-fed beef (bovine) is a natural source of collagen types I and III.


    Type I is the most prevalent structural protein in your body (hair, skin, nails, bones, corneas and teeth)


    Type III is a gut health superfood and superhero for improved gut health and repair. Bovine contains more Type III, making it a better choice for those suffering from joint pain, sarcopenia (From 50 onwards, your body starts to lose 1% muscle mass per year) and gut-related health issues. 



    Bovine collagen typically has more:


    • Glycine: (potent anti-inflammatory, builds lean muscle, increases muscle strength, boosts energy, stabilises blood sugar, improves joint and bone health, improves sleep quality, accelerates recovery from exercise, illness and surgery) 
    • Hydroxyproline: (anti-ageing skin repair and hydration, increased collagen production, connective tissue repair and maintenance) 
    • Proline: (improves skin hydration, restores youthful radiance, improves wound healing) 


    Bovine collagen is plentiful and costs less to produce than marine collagen. So, suppose you’re looking for a broad-spectrum anti-ageing dietary supplement that can also help reduce GI inflammation and improve gut health, and you’re on a budget. In that case, pure bovine collagen powder might be your better choice.



    The Takeaway


    MojoMe Collagen Marine and grass-fed Bovine have been shown to deliver similar premium health benefits without any known side effects. Both are great for improved skin health, hair, nails, gut, bone, and connective tissue support. Both are low-molecular collagen powders with a clinically proven absorption rate of >96% for maximum efficacy and are sourced from France and Brazil, respectively.


    Bovine collagen is a more cost-effective solution and might be the better choice if you suffer from muscle strength or gut-related health issues. Alternatively, marine collagen might be a better choice if you have skin and hair concerns, want faster results from collagen, or don’t consume beef products.


    That’s the inside scoop on bovine collagen powder vs. marine collagen. Now, the choice is yours!

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