Hydrolysis of Collagen & Collagen Hydrolysate Explained

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    Even if you’re a lifelong champion of collagen supplements or recently introduced to it, we appreciate that the plethora of scientific and technical terms being bounced around can be hard to digest.


    You can always rely on MojoMe to give it to you straight. We provide you with no-nonsense information that is on point and easily digestible – just like our premium range of pure collagen powders!


    Today, we demystify the technical term “Hydrolysed” as in Hydrolysed Collagen. Are you curious to know what hydrolysed means and why we swear by it for our range of pure collagen supplements? Read on to learn all you need to know.


    Let’s Explain Some Basic Facts

    What exactly is hydrolysed collagen?


    Hydrolysed collagen (sometimes spelt Hydrolyzed) refers to collagen that has been through the enzymatic process of hydrolysis. Hydrolysis involves changing the chemical structure of collagen by breaking it down into peptides (smaller molecules). Hydrolysis is essential because, in their original state, collagen molecules are far too large to be absorbed by the body.


    Collagen peptides can be produced by:

    1. Thermal (heat) treatment followed by the addition of enzymes OR
    2. Adding an acid to the collagen


    MojoMe premium collagen is produced using the first option: enzymatic processes employed to hydrolyse collagen to produce collagen peptides. Both methods result in lower molecular weight (Da) collagen. Unlike high molecular weight collagen, hydrolysed collagen peptides can easily pass through the gut lining to be absorbed and distributed by the body. 


    Technically speaking, most collagen supplements are hydrolysed but are hydrolysed to varying degrees. While other collagen powders are only partially hydrolysed MojoMe Collagen is 100% completely hydrolysed. In simple terms, when collagen is completely hydrolysed, it becomes a superior bioavailable form of collagen that is readily dissolved in liquids and easily absorbed by the body.



    How is Hydrolysed Collagen Sourced?


    Prior to hydrolysis, collagen is typically extracted from bovine (cow), marine (fish) or chicken sources. MojoMe pure collagen powders are ethically and sustainably sourced from either pasture-raised grass-fed beef, 100% wild-caught white fish or premium chicken sternum sourced from France.


    hydrolysed collagen


    Hydrolysed Collagen Absorption


    Size matters! collagen molecules in their natural state are far too big to be absorbed by the body. Hydrolysis is the enzymatic process employed to break down the molecule size in order to increase bioavailability – the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body when ingested. Bioavailable hydrolysed “collagen peptides” are readily absorbed through the intestinal barrier and into the bloodstream before being circulated throughout the body to their final destination.


    Not all hydrolysed collagen is created equal — the Dalton weight of the collagen molecule is very important. A lower Dalton weight (Da) (from premium collagen and more extensive hydrolysis) equals higher purity and bioavailability. Higher purity collagen is flavourless and odourless.


    Higher bioavailability means a much greater rate of absorption by the body and better results for you. The molecular weight (Dalton) of most hydrolysed collagen supplements is 5000 Da, whereas MojoMe uses an incredibly low Dalton weight of less than 2000 Da which gives MojoMe collagen supplements their clinically proven and market-leading absorption rate of >96% while delivering those wonderful anti-ageing benefits to your body faster and with better results.


    But here comes the most exciting part. The ingestion and absorption of hydrolysed collagen also stimulate your body to create more of its own (native) collagen where needed! The more collagen your body can absorb the more it will also create so don’t be tempted to compromise and always insist on 2000 Da molecular weight collagen.


    It’s also worth noting that your body knows to send extra collagen in order of where it’s needed most, and that might not be where you expect it to be! For example, you might want to take collagen to improve the health of your hair but if your nails have a pre-existing collagen deficiency, you may notice unexpected improvements in those first.



    Hydrolysed Collagen Benefits

    hydrolysed collagen for health and wellness


    Skin and Beauty


    When it comes to your skin, nothing quite beats a compliment! A naturally radiant glow can make you look energised and youthful. Unfortunately, from the age of 25, our natural levels of collagen start to decline significantly. Collagen depletion results in the visible and degenerative effects of ageing from wrinkles and fine less to decreased skin hydration and elasticity. By the time you hit 50, you will have lost half of your natural collagen! Hydrolysed collagen is proven to increase skin hydration and elasticity while promoting hair and nail growth and strength. 



    Strong Hair and Nails


    It’s not just your skin that can benefit from a daily boost of collagen. Collagen is a vital component of hair and nails, which can become brittle and weak as collagen levels decline with age. MojoMe collagen contains essential amino acids (proline, glycine and hydroxyproline) for hair growth and health and can help fight thinning or brittle hair. Proline is the main component of keratin and the unique amino acid. MojoMe collagen has been shown to increase the mechanical strength of hair by 13% while improving the hair cortex which can be especially beneficial for ageing hair. Similarly, collagen can boost nail health. A recent study demonstrated that ingesting hydrolysed collagen peptides reduced nail breakage by 42% and increased the growth rate by 12% over a period of 24 weeks.



    Sports Performance and Recovery


    Working out can produce the most incredible natural high and boost your mental wellbeing, but the recovery isn’t always so enjoyable. Each daily serving of MojoMe (marine and bovine) collagen contains 9g of protein-packed with essential amino acids to help build and maintain lean muscle, promote joint health, strength and endurance, replenish nutrients lost and accelerate recovery from strenuous exercise.



    Hydrolysed Collagen v Collagen Peptides


    “Hydrolysed collagen” is essentially another term for “collagen peptides” There is no difference between the two. The two terms are even used interchangeably: “hydrolysed peptides” or “collagen hydrolysate”. It can appear confusing – but rest assured, there’s absolutely no difference in the terminology!



    Hydrolysed Collagen v Gelatin


    So you may be wondering, what about gelatin? Gelatin is indeed another type of collagen. However, there are fundamental differences between gelatin and hydrolysed collagen. While they may originate from the same source, gelatin has only gone through partial hydrolysis and has a much higher molecular weight (Da) and naturally lower absorption rate. When added to liquid, gelatin acts as a thickening agent, whereas hydrolysed collagen dissolves and doesn’t impact viscosity.


    The main critical difference is that gelatine doesn’t deliver anywhere near the same degree of benefits that hydrolysed collagen does, which is why we use the highest quality completely hydrolysed collagen with the lowest molecular weight for our premium pure collagen supplements.



    How Much Hydrolysed Collagen Should You Take?


    For optimum anti-ageing results, we recommend you take 5g (5000mg) -10g (10,000mg) of either MojoMe marine or bovine collagen daily with or without 2,5g (2,500mg) of MojoMe chicken collagen (type II) daily. Some collagen supplements recommend that you need to take more than these amounts, but this may be due to their inferior sourcing and quality of collagen, its large granule size, higher molecular weight (Da), low rate of absorption or potentially undisclosed bulking agents?


    With MojoMe Pure Collagen supplements, there’s never fillers, artificial or counter-intuitive ingredients, simply the right amount of all the good stuff which is also certified free from antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, pesticides and heavy metals. That’s just the way we like it! 


    Have questions about our hydrolysed collagen supplements? Please send them our way! We would love to hear from you and will happily answer any queries. Get in touch today.

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