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Collagen Tablets Vs Other Collagen Sources

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    Collagen is one of the latest buzzwords in the modern beauty market, and the use of collagen tablets is rapidly increasing today. While the beauty sector is known for its fluctuating trends, with products swiftly oscillating between being in vogue and out of favour, collagen has demonstrated enduring relevance.


    This longevity can be attributed to its firm grounding in scientific research, which has depicted collagen in all its variations as a kind of super supplement. The primary driving force behind collagen’s success in the cosmetic industry is its incredible impact on skin health. Beyond cosmetics, however, collagen has carved out a niche as an outstanding supplement due to its myriad proven benefits, encompassing everything from the fortification of hair and nails to the enhancement of joint health.


    At MojoMe, we are vigorous advocates for the use of collagen products. Not only do we produce some of the best in South Africa, but through the positive testimonials from our satisfied customers, we’ve observed the transformative effects of our products firsthand. In this article, we aim to delve deep into the specifics of collagen tablets.


    We’ll begin by investigating collagen’s pivotal role in maintaining skin health. Subsequently, we will delve into what makes these tablets an enticing option for our customers. We’ll then broaden our focus to include a comparative analysis of collagen tablets against alternative collagen delivery methods, spotlighting their differences.




    Understanding Collagen And Its Role in Skin Health


    In the introductory segment, we alluded to collagen and its derivatives as buzzwords in the beauty market. The reason for this prominence is the multitude of brands incorporating this active ingredient into their advertising campaigns, thereby catapulting collagen to explosive levels of popularity in recent times.


    But what prompts these beauty brands to champion the effects of collagen? Why did we refer to it as a super supplement at the outset of this article? Let’s unravel the basics of collagen here.


    What Is Collagen?


    Before delving into beauty supplements like collagen tablets, it’s crucial to understand that collagen is a protein produced naturally within your body. It’s the most abundant protein, making up roughly thirty percent of your body’s total protein content. It exists in massive quantities because of its fundamental role as a building block for much of your body’s organic tissue. From skin to muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons, collagen serves as the primary constituent.


    Another critical aspect to consider is that the term “collagen” is an umbrella term encompassing five distinct types of collagen. Each collagen type shares certain commonalities but also possesses significant differences in molecular structure, enabling them to execute various functions within the body.




    How Does Collagen Affect My Skin?


    While the previous section alluded to various functions performed by collagen, this article, much like most of the beauty market, focuses on its interaction and benefits for skincare. Many individuals specifically consume supplements like collagen for this exact reason. But how exactly does collagen engage with the skin? Let’s examine some of the key benefits below:


    Structural Integrity: As previously noted, collagen is the primary building block of skin and is integral in preserving and structuring your skin.


    Skin Elasticity: Collagen fibres provide your skin with elasticity, enhancing its resilience and adaptability. This elasticity is crucial to the skin’s structure, enabling it to retain shape. The emergence of wrinkles is a direct consequence of skin losing its elasticity, directly linked to a decline in the body’s collagen content.


    Hydration and Moisture Retention: Yet another significant benefit of collagen for healthy skin is its ability to attract and retain moisture within the skin tissue, facilitating the maintenance of healthy, hydrated skin.


    The Decline Of Collagen:


    It is a well-known fact that, as we age, our bodies’ collagen levels diminish. Consequently, many individuals resort to supplements like tablets and other collagen alternatives to counteract this gradual decline.


    But is this reduction purely an age-related phenomenon? As with most biological functions, the answer is slightly more complex. Various factors contribute to the decline of collagen levels. Some of the most common adverse factors include:


    • Genetics
    • Sun exposure
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Hormonal changes
    • Environmental factors


    These factors can significantly impact your collagen levels, especially if you’re affected by several simultaneously. The optimal strategy to combat this is by utilising a high-quality collagen supplement like those offered by MojoMe. Among our range of products, our collagen tablets are some of our most popular. In the next section, we will explore the reasons behind their popularity.


    The Rise Of Collagen Tablets: What Makes Them Attractive?


    To say the collagen market is booming would be no exaggeration. A report conducted by Grand View Research delved into this marketplace, analysing data from 2017 to 2021 (the year the article was penned) and projecting future trends from 2022 to 2028. The trajectory for this market is palpable, with expected year-on-year growth until at least 2028. Further, the collagen market alone was valued at USD 1.99 billion in 2021. Pertinent to this article is that between 2019 and 2021, collagen tablets and the gummy sector accounted for at least 60% of the total market value. The report scrutinised a range of collagen products, from tablets and gummies to powders and various beverages. Among all these categories, tablets emerged as the dominant collagen product.


    Collagen tablets have become a worldwide sensation, a trend we at MojoMe can undoubtedly attest to. But what is it that makes tablets such an appealing choice? While we will delve into the distinctions between collagen tablets and other collagen supplements in the following section, we aim to spotlight the unique attributes of tablets that account for their immense popularity.


    Convenience: Owing to their ability to be consumed without the need for additional mixing, along with their portability and ready accessibility, collagen tablets present one of the most convenient methods for consumers to supplement their collagen intake.


    Simplicity: The ingestion of collagen in tablet format is straightforward, and the dosages are standardised. This means it’s easy to discern how much to take and when, as the guesswork is removed when collagen is provided in tablet form. This is particularly true compared to powdered collagen, which requires accurate measurement to suit your needs.


    Tasteless and Odourless: For many consumers, unusual tastes or smells can negatively influence their purchasing decisions. Some individuals are particularly sensitive to specific tastes or odours. With collagen in tablet form, this issue is circumvented as these tablets are generally devoid of taste and smell. This characteristic can make them more palatable for those sensitive to specific tastes.


    Exploring Alternative Collagen Sources


    It’s impossible for anyone to definitively state that one form of collagen is superior to another. While the market research above indicates that collagen in tablet form are the most favoured delivery method, this doesn’t necessarily make them the optimal form of collagen supplementation. When it comes to collagen supplements, the primary emphasis should be on using a premium brand that sources collagen ethically from top-tier ingredients. In this respect, you can rely on MojoMe!


    Collagen can be supplemented in various forms, from powders to bone broth and even collagen-infused drinks. Each product is designed to cater to its consumers’ unique needs and preferences, thus making each form ‘best’ in its own right. In this section, however, let’s look at some of the principal differences between collagen tablets and the two most prominent alternatives: collagen powder and bone broth.


    A. Collagen Powder


    Absorption and Bioavailability: Unlike tablets, collagen powder is already finely ground. As a result, the proteins might already be broken down into peptides, the fundamental building blocks of proteins. This means that they can be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream once consumed.


    Customisable Dosage: Tablets come in fixed doses, which many find convenient and easy to use. However, for those who wish to have more control over their dietary supplementation or for those who find collagen tablets provide either too much or too little collagen, the adjustable nature of the powder can be beneficial.


    Digestive Sensitivity: It’s not uncommon for individuals with digestive sensitivities to struggle with tablets of any kind. Some even resort to crushing their pills to make them more digestible. If you have a sensitive digestive tract, which could complicate the ingestion of collagen tablets, collagen powder might serve as a better alternative.


    B. Bone Broth


    Collagen Source: Both tablets and bone broth typically derive collagen from animals, though the extraction methods differ. For tablets, collagen is obtained from collagen peptides and then isolated using an enzymatic process. On the other hand, bone broth is produced by slow-cooking bones, tendons, and ligaments.


    Additional Nutrients: Tablets are considered a purer form of collagen due to the isolation of collagen protein from other nutrients during manufacturing. This sharply contrasts with bone broth, which retains numerous other nutrients as it does not undergo an isolation process. Besides collagen, bone broth may contain minerals, amino acids, gelatin, and glucosamine.


    Flavour: Bone broth preparation usually results in a meaty flavour. In contrast, tablets are designed to be tasteless and odourless. For many vegetarians, the meaty taste of bone broth might be undesirable, making tablets a more suitable choice. However, this essentially boils down to personal preference.




    Collagen Tablets: The Most Popular Collagen Supplement


    In many respects, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to the world of collagen tablets – first explaining what collagen is, outlining its benefits, and then explaining why collagen tablets have gained such prominence in the collagen market.


    At MojoMe, we have firm faith in the potency of collagen and therefore strive to provide our customers with only the highest quality across all our products. From our collagen tablets to our powders and bone broth, we offer a premium brand you can trust. So, if you’ve been pondering why these pills have garnered such popularity, you can either take our word for it or visit MojoMe and experience it for yourself!


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