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Collagen Types: Important Differences Between Types 1, 2 & 3

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    As more collagen powders become available, are you wondering: what are the differences between collagen types 1, 2, and 3? and which collagen type is the right one for you?

    Quick summary of the different collagen types:

    • Type 1 Collagen: Minimises fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity. Not only can it help rebuild your muscles, eyes, bones, and spine, it’s also useful for improving the strength of your nails and helping to grow stronger, glossier and thicker hair. Marine Collagen has the greatest abundance of type 1 collagen.
    • Type 2 Collagen: Is the primary constituent of cartilage, the connective tissue protecting your joints. It found in your spinal discs, and your eyes, making it a powerful way to support joint health. One of the best natural sources is our Type 2 collagen powder, extracted from chicken sternum.
    • Type 3 Collagen: Has the greatest abundance in your digestive system, muscles, blood vessels, and the uterus. It’s most often found with type I collagen and taken to promote gut healing and to promote skin elasticity and hydration. Bovine Collagen Peptides are an excellent source of both type 1 and 3 collagen.

    Read on to discover the benefits of collagen types 1, 2, and 3 and which sources are best for restoring youthful radiance, promoting skincare from within, supporting gut health, improving bone health and providing joint-support.

    What Makes Collagen Different From Other Proteins?

    Collagen protein is by far the most abundant protein in your body and represents 90% of your total organic bone mass. Collagen holds your body together, reduces inflammation, promotes digestive and immune function, muscle strength, bone density and wound-healing. Its a unique building block comprised of essential amino acids that provide stability and structural support to our skin, hair, nails tendons and ligaments and is critical in muscle recovery and repair.

    Your body makes collagen molecules, but this production declines with age, resulting in the visible and degenerative signs of ageing – wrinkles, sagging skin, gut issues, muscle loss, weakness, joint degeneration, joint-pain and mobility issues.

    The good news is, you can easily maintain and replenish lost collagen with certain foods and premium collagen supplementation.

    How to Make New Collagen

    Your body produces its own collagen from the amino acids proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline is found almost exclusively in collagen derived from animal sources. To ensure that your body continues to have the ability to make new collagen, you need to make sure you’re getting these three specific amino acids from food or supplements.

    There is a minimum of 16 different collagen types found in the human body, but 90% of these collagen proteins are types 1, 2, and 3. Each of these individual types of collagen has a slightly different function in the body and originate from different sources.

    Type 1 Collagen Benefits

    Type 1 collagen protein is the most abundant protein in the human body. Type 1 collagen makes up part of your eyes, skin, tendons, bone, and teeth. Even though it’s fantastic for rebuilding your muscles, eyes, bones, and spine, it’s incredibly popular for minimising fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin hydration and elasticity. It’s also great for strengthening your nails and helping you grow stronger, thicker hair.

    There’s substantial overlap when it comes to the benefits of type 1 and 3 collagen so you’ll often find products that contain both. However, MojoMe Pure Marine Collagen, produced from wild-caught fish sourced from the crystal clear waters of the North-Atlantic is incredibly rich in type 1 collagen making it the best choice for those explicitly wanting the benefits of type 1 collagen.

    Collagen types 1 and 3 are best for healing the gut lining, and type 1 collagen from marine sources is especially useful for healing the tight junctions of your intestinal tract.

    The best sources of type 1 collagen:

    Type 2 Collagen Benefits

    Collagen deemed to be the secret weapon to eternal youth also plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your bones and joint cartilage.

    Only Type 2 collagen protein is the main structural component of healthy joint cartilage which is the connective tissue that protects joints from age and activity-related wear and tear. You also high amounts of type 2 collagen in your spinal discs and in your eyes.

    The deterioration of joint cartilage creates joint pain; Type 2 collagen type provides targeted joint-support by repairing, replenishing and restoring this active joint protein.

    Don’t wait until your joints become sore! Type 2 collagen may help reduce or prevent activity-related joint pain and inflammation.

    The best source for type 2 collagen:

    Type 3 Collagen Benefits

    Type 3 is the second most abundant type of collagen found in your body. Its most abundant in your digestive system, muscles, bones, blood vessels, and the uterus. Most often type 3 collagen is found with type 1 collagen. It supports gut healing, builds lean muscle mass and promote bone health.

    Which of the Collagen Types is the Right One For You?

    Choosing the best type of collagen for your body involves two simple steps:

    Step 1: Identify Your Specific Health Issues or Goals

    • For youthful radiance and to maintain skin elasticity and hydration, eye health, lean muscle, bone strength, and accelerated wound healing: Try 1-2 servings daily of MojoMe Marine Collagen, which is high in type 1 collagen or our Pure Bovine Collagen for high amounts of both types 1 and 3.
    • As a preventative measure or to improve joint mobility and recovery from exercise: Take 1-2 servings daily of Bovine Collagen which is high in types 1 & 3 Collagen
    • For chronic joint pain and inflammation: Take 1-2 servings daily of targeted joint-support type 2 collagen sourced from chicken sternum.
    • For improved gut health: Aim for 1-3 servings daily of Collagen “Bone Broth” Protein.

    Step 2: Choose Collagen from Premium Sources

    Whichever type of collagen you choose, sourcing the best quality collagen is the key to maximising your nutrient intake and building healthier hair, skin, nails, muscles, strentheing your bones and improving joints mobility. We only recommend taking collagen products sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised (in the case of bovine collagen) or wild-caught sources (for marine collagen). MojoMe pure collagen powders sourced from the world’s leading collagen producers with benefits backed by science and clinical trials.

    The human body requires all three types of collagen, so it’s essential to use a variety of premium collagen powders regularly to ensure you’re supporting the health and function of your body as a whole!







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    The benefits of collagen


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