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    Enjoy the Life-Changing Benefits of Low Carb & Keto

    Delicious Nutrient-dense Foods & Anti-Ageing Lifestyle Supplements

    Since 2013 MojoMe have been making low carb lifestyles easy, delicious and convenient, developing a range of sugar-free* low carb (KETO) healthy-fat (LCHF) Premixes, Cupboard Essentials and lifestyle supplements. Our entire range is free from added sugar, grains, gluten, starch flours, additives or preservatives, making our products suitable for anyone following an LCHF, Low Carb or Keto Lifestyle, those who are diabetic, have food intolerances or are wanting to eliminate empty calories, refined and processed foods from their diet.

    Julia Edwards MojoMe Low Carb Keto Collagen MCT Whey

    "The inspiration for MojoMe comes from a career spent in the hospitality and food industry. I wanted to create a brand without compromise, to empower the many people who appreciate and understand that we are what we eat. To create a premium brand that is passionate about and ethical in all that we do based on the understanding that real mojo (energy, health and vitality) comes only from eating real food - free from added sugar, grains, gluten, unpronounceables, fillers and preservatives"

    Transform Your Health

    We believe that quitting sugar, processed foods, preservatives and additives and replacing them with healthy alternatives and by embracing the concept of "good" fats being beneficial to your well-being is probably one of the most revolutionary things people can do for themselves. Adopting a low carb high (healthy) fat (LCHF LOW CARB / KETO) lifestyle continues to transform the health and weight of thousands of people around the globe. These transformations are totally inspiring and often described as completely life-changing. 

    Passion, Ethical Sourcing, Sustainability

    Our team are just as passionate about the quality and ethical sourcing of our ingredients as we are about our final product. What is good for us also has to be good for the planet so that means we actively support sustainability initiatives.

    We don't compromise on quality. The best products demand the best ingredients. For us, that means sourcing only natural, superior healthy foods, raw ingredients and premium health supplements (Collagen Powder, MCT's and Whey Protein) from the world's leading and most sought-after producers.

    SANAS Approved / NIHT Halaal Certified

    But it doesn't end there! Not only have MojoMe products been food tested (and nutritional data supplied) by Swift Silliker Mérieux NutriSciences - SANAS Approved Laboratory, they are NIHT (National Independent Halaal Trust) Halaal Certified in South Africa; export quality and milled by us in our own dedicated gluten-free FSA (Food Safety Accredited) facility which also ensures that our products are 100% what we say they are, are fresh, free from unhealthy additives, preservatives or fillers.

    MojoMe - Exclusive Low Carb / KETO Nutrition

    The MojoMe niche range of healthy option premixes are not commercially processed but are carefully and prepared fresh in small batches for your convenience. For the more adventurous types, we also offer the complete range of low carb cupboard essentials for you to get going with your own recipes and creations.

    MojoMe - #1 Low Carb / Keto South Africa

    MojoMe, an award-winning local brand (Cape Town) with an international reputation distributes a superior range of KETO performance nutrition products to it’s customers through its retail partners or for added convenience, directly to your door from our online shop. We have free delivery options and our online payment system is 100% secure.

    If you would like to find out more, have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!

    Julia Edwards

    Julia Edwards
    Founder & Chief Temptation Officer — MojoMe

    MojoMe is a SmartPack PTY Ltd brand.

    11 hours ago
    Vinolia Boitumeloza

    Mojome I'm very much happy with your service and delivery Courier guy was incontact with me and delivered at my work place not all couriers comes's to the borders... Thnk you

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Exceptional service and I loved how my order was packaged and not forgetting great savings as well.

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    Leezle Whittleza

    I had an excellent experience from start to finish. Best wishes

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    Fantastic and user friendly, click,click and done 💜💜💜👏👏

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    Barbara Leeza

    Safe purchasing and fast delivery

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    1 week ago

    Easy and user friendly online shopping! The second time I’ve ordered this product.
    Fast delivery.

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    Joseph Minaza

    Very fast turnaround and delivery. Excellent customer service.

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    Haseenah Hattiaza

    Excellent service and very user friendly website

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