Collagen Type I and III (Grass-Fed Bovine)

Boost your beauty and wellness journey with our pure bovine collagen powder. Perfect for radiant skin, stronger joints, and overall vitality. Explore the MojoMe collagen difference today.

MojoMe Collagen Powder Sourced From Grass-Fed Bovine

100% Pure Collagen Powder (Type I & III)

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MojoMe Instant Collagen Broth

Instant Bone Broth Powder – Savoury Beef

R 359.00
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Instant Collagen Broth Jalapeno Chicken

MojoMe Collagen Broth – Jalapeño Chicken

R 359.00
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MojoMe Keto Collagen Creamer 250g

Keto Collagen Creamer 250g

R 335.00
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Multi Collagen

Multi Collagen Powder

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MojoMe Bovine Collagen Capsules 180's

Pure Collagen Capsules 180s

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A cylindrical container of pure collagen granules from the brand MojoMe. The label showcases the product’s benefits, such as improving skin, hair, and joint health. The design is bright, featuring a heart logo, and includes information about the grass-fed bovine source of collagen. The vibrant colours at the bottom add a lively touch to the packaging.

Pure Collagen Granules (Type I and III Collagen Peptides)

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